Harold Pyon on the Issues



Harold is committed to reducing traffic congestion in Northern Virginia.


Our community should continue growing in a responsible manner. Responsible growth means smart planning too. As your Delegate, he will work to ensure our community has the proper infrastructure in place to solve our transportation challenges.

Harold is opposed to new tolls or raising the rates on already existing tolls.


We shouldn’t have to pay a toll on a road that our tax dollars have already subsidized. Harold will fight to remove current tolls so that Virginians can keep more of their hard-earned money

Road Construction
Teacher and Pupil


Education is Harold’s top priority. He will fight to fully re-open our schools and improve the education standards ensuring students are prepared for college and the workforce.


The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced students to continue school remotely, which has caused many of them to fall behind. Harold wants to re-open our schools safely and work to implement summer learning options to help students who have fallen behind. Additionally, Harold will work with parents and local schools to mobilize teachers and administrators for group tutoring to help catch students up to speed. 

Thomas Jefferson High School

TJ is the only magnet school in Fairfax County. There is currently a push to lower admission standards to the school and use a lottery-based admissions system. Harold is strongly opposed to this effort. Every year, students work hard hoping to be selected to attend TJ. Switching to a lottery-based system would send a message to students that luck is more important than hard work.


Eliminating Advanced Math Courses

Virginia schools should be doing everything they can to ensure our children are challenged and fully prepared for their next steps after high school. Harold strongly opposes any effort to eliminate advanced courses. Every student brings a unique set of talents and skills to the table. Harold believes we need to be pushing students to their maximum potential so they can achieve their dreams. 

Open For Business

Small Business Growth &
Economic Prosperity

The Pandemic has hurt our small businesses. Harold believes we need a state government that will support entrepreneurs and workers through this challenging time, so that they can provide services and jobs to the community. 

There was a time when Virginia was considered the best state for small businesses. Harold wants to get our commonwealth back to that place and make it easier for future entrepreneurs to start a business. 

Many of our small businesses are struggling to find staff following the pandemic. Harold believes we need to create incentives to get people back to work so our businesses can re-open to full capacity. 

Harold wants to place an emphasis on workforce development as well. He believes that we need to be working with our local businesses to promote job growth and opportunities for people of all backgrounds and education. 


Public Safety

Harold stands for keeping our homes and neighborhoods safe. Harold is a firm believer that we need to support our law enforcement professionals and ensure they have the funding, training, and resources to keep our communities and families safe.


Our law enforcement encounters everything from traffic accidents to those in mental crisis. Harold will work to support them with training and resources that will ensure the most effective response possible, regardless of the call. 

Defunding the police will discourage well-intentioned, hard-working people from entering that career field. We want the best of the best! Harold believes we need to fund our local and state police to keep our communities safe and to improve law enforcement training.    

Police Car Lights
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Supporting Our Veterans

Harold is a United States Army veteran who is passionate about fixing the issues facing our veteran community. High quality and accessible health care are challenges that many of our veterans are struggling to overcome.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression are common mental health conditions that veterans live with. These mental health conditions lead to substance abuse, homelessness and family problems. Harold will work to reform healthcare options for veterans so that we can improve the lives of our heroes.

Education & job placement are also challenges facing veterans today. Many people don’t understand the difficulties service members face when they have to transition back to civilian life. Harold graduated from VCU using his G.I. Bill benefits. He understands the importance of education and will fight for our veterans to ensure they have the opportunities to pursue the careers of their choosing.


Harold knows the amazing quality of training our service members receive while serving. He will fight for occupational licensing reform that enables veterans to transfer their military career to the private sector by acknowledging the training and experience they received while serving our country.